The law has been strengthened… Halan risks fines and points for using cell phone while driving

Elling Hollan (Manchester City) was caught using a cell phone while driving.

British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 28th (Korean time) that ‘Hollan was caught using his cell phone while driving his Rolls-Royce Cullinan’. 먹튀검증

According to the media, Hollan was driving on the road near the Etihad Stadium. He held the steering wheel with his right hand and used his cell phone with his left. In the UK, using a cell phone while driving imposes 6 demerit points and 200 pounds (about 310,000 won). In addition, if you have obtained a driver’s license within two years, it may be revoked.

Laws against using a mobile phone while driving in the UK were tightened last year. Former UK Transport Minister Grant Sharps has explained that stricter measures are being introduced to encourage safer access for motorists while driving.

“I will do everything in my power to keep drivers safe. That’s why I’m taking a zero-tolerance approach to people who choose to risk their lives by using their phones behind the wheel.”

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