“The personality is the opposite of mine.” Director Park Jin-man hopes for a synergistic effect with head coach Lee Byeong-gyu

The legends who dominated the KBO League came together. Although their personalities are opposite, they met as the head coach and head coach, dreaming of rebuilding a prestigious family. This is the story of Samsung Lions manager Park Jin-man and head coach Lee Byeong-gyu.

On the 30th, Samsung left for Okinawa, Japan, where the 2023 Spring Camp will be held via Incheon International Airport. Head coach Park Jin-man, who was a legendary shortstop, and head coach Lee Byeong-gyu, who was a hitting king, set out on their way to Korea with the heavy task of rebuilding a prestigious family.

Coach Park Jin-man, who met with reporters that day, expressed his anticipation for coach Lee Byung-gyu. He said, “Coach Lee Byeong-gyu has the opposite personality to me. While I tend to be silent, coach Lee Byung-gyu is not a quiet person. Active movement can stimulate players. The atmosphere is different from mine,” he said, expecting a synergistic effect with the head coach.

Coach Lee Byung-kyu has been with the LG Twins from his career as a player to coaching. At the request of coach Park Jin-man, he took off his pinstripe uniform for the first time. Coach Park Jin-man hopes coach Lee Byeong-gyu will pass on the know-how he has accumulated so far to the Samsung team. He said, “I hope coach Lee Byung-gyu can use his unique know-how to the players. Then, I think the atmosphere in our team will improve,” he smiled.

Coach Lee Byeong-gyu, who joined the Lion Corps, also sets out for a new start with extraordinary determination. He said, “I am excited to come to a new team, but I also feel heavy. He is expected to move the team. 먹튀검증 I think we should bump into each other,” he said.

“I plan to talk a lot with the coach during the spring camp. If you decide how to operate, I will try to support the coaches,” he said, promising to do his best in his duties as head coach.

Samsung fought a tough battle last year. They fell into a swamp of 13 consecutive losses, and broke the record for the most consecutive losses in club history. Recorded 66 wins, 2 draws and 76 losses. The season ended in 7th place. It is a poor report card compared to the second place in the 2021 regular season.

Samsung leaves behind the dark past and embarks on a new start. Legend coaches and head coaches are dreaming of an emergency in harmony. Attention is focusing on whether they can lead Samsung to make another leap forward.

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