The reason why you must go to the K-League Team Club World Cup… Multiply your participation income

The International Football Federation (FIFA) has maintained the difficulty of participating in the Club World Cup, but has greatly increased the size and prize money. The K-League team has more reasons to aim for the top spot in Asia.

Along with the World Cup on the 15th (Korean time), FIFA revealed additional information about the Club World Cup reorganization plan. The expansion of the Club World Cup is a policy that has already been announced. Currently, the Club World Cup was a small-scale competition held every year, but the plan is to upgrade it to a large-scale competition where teams from all over the world gather once every four years, just like the national competition. Unlike the past, where 7 teams, centered on continental champions, participated in a one-on-one match, it will be converted into a competition with 32 teams, just like the World Cup. The fact that the round of 16 will proceed after the group stage is similar to the current World Cup. The first competition after the reorganization will be held in the summer of 2025.

The information added on the 15th is the method of selecting participating teams. 12 teams from Europe, 6 teams from South America, 4 teams each from Asia, North and Central America, and Africa, and 1 team from Oceania will be allocated. Host clubs also participate. In the case of Europe and South America, in addition to the four European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) winners ahead of the competition, the remaining spots will be filled based on the club rankings of the period.

Since Asia, North and Central America, and Africa have 4 qualifiers, the winners of the Champions League from each continent for 4 years can participate.

If a team has won two or more championships during that period, the remaining places go back to the highest club ranking. However, the number of clubs that can participate in one country is limited to a maximum of two, unless the same country has won more than two championships. For example, if there are two or more UCL winning teams among English clubs in Europe, there will be no participating teams based on club rankings.

9 teams have already been decided to participate. Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) in Asia, Al-Hli (Egypt) and Widad Casablanca (Morocco) in Africa, Monterrey (Mexico) and Seattle Sounders (USA) in North and Central America, Palmeiras and Flamengo (more than Brazil) in South America ), Chelsea (England) and Real Madrid (Spain) in Europe. 원벳원 토토

As the size of the tournament grows, so does the income of participating teams. European media are paying attention to the confirmed profits of Chelsea and Real Madrid, which have already confirmed their participation. Since both teams participated in the previous Club World Cup and went out once more, they can earn double money.

European media predict that the total prize money of the new Club World Cup will be 150 million euros (approximately 210 billion won), more than 10 times higher than now. The number of participating teams increased about 4.5 times, but the prize money increased more than 10 times, so the prize money for each team also increased by that much. This seems to be a prize money presented as a kind of appeasement measure when prestigious clubs objected to excessive schedules and tried to create a European Super League separate from FIFA.

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