The WBC, who was embarrassed and embarrassed, nevertheless Kim Ha-seong “must move forward”

“Everyone said, ‘I think I saw it a little while ago, but it’s too soon (Too Soon)’ and regretted it.”

San Diego Padres infielder Kim Ha-seong (28), who can now communicate with his teammates quite well without an interpreter, introduced the stories he had with his teammates who returned from the same tournament after joining his team’s camp after the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

The Padres had a lot of players who participated in the WBC this year. There are some players who came back with the glory of winning, like Darvish Yu (Japan), but most of them drank a lot.

Ha-seong Kim, who participated as a member of the Korean national team, as well as Xander Bogatz (Netherlands), Juan Soto, and Manny Machado (Dominican Republic) joined the team early after falling in the first round. The promise to ‘meet in Miami (the venue of the finals)’ did not become a reality. 카지노사이트

“Everyone says that, but deep down they must have hurt their pride.” Kim Ha-seong, who smiled and greeted his colleagues, looked back at the time and said this.

For Kim Ha-seong and Korean baseball, the past WBC is a ‘past I want to forget’. It was a tournament that desperately experienced the bare face of Korean baseball. They were eliminated after consecutive defeats to Australia and Japan. Belatedly, they took out their anger by beating the weak Czech Republic and China, but the reality did not change.

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