‘This is a four-daughter life reversal’ Arozarena, who received $4 a month, 2023 annual salary of $4.15 million

Although it has “faded” for now, the United States is still the “promised land” for some people. In particular, Latin Americans are flocking to the United States to realize the “American Dream.”

There is an outfielder named Randy Arozarena in the Tampa Bay Rays of the American professional baseball major league.

A native of Cuba, he played baseball there, earning only $4 a month.

Eventually, he escaped to Mexico in 2017. From there, he played for several teams in the Mexican League before finally making his way to the United States in 2019. He signed a minor league contract with the St. Louis Cardinals.

St. Louis traded him to Tampa Bay in 2020. As a result, St. Louis had to hit the ground.

Wearing a Tampa Bay uniform, he performed more than expected. In particular, he showed remarkable performance, breaking various records in the 2020 postseason.

Of course, his ransom also went up. This season he signed for $4.15 million. It is nearly six times higher than last year’s $716,600.

Arozarena was naturalized in Mexico last year to represent Mexico in the recently concluded WBC. It was to give back to Mexico for making him who he is today. 바카라사이트

He had a batting average of 0.450 in the WBC. On defense, he also caught several home runs. It was even said that Mexico advanced to the semifinals thanks to Arozarena.

According to Spottrak, Arozarena’s current fortune is around $5 million. The new contract doubled his fortune in an instant.

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