‘To Suwon FC’ Yoon Bit-garam “I will forget everything about the team I have been missing and start anew”

On the face of Yoon Bit-garam (32), excitement and will were buried at the same time.
Yoon Bitgaram departed for Chiang Mai, Thailand via Incheon International Airport on the 4th. Ahead of the 2023 season, he traded with Lee Ki-hyeok to wear a Suwon FC uniform and began to quench in earnest for the next season. 스포츠토토

The nest was moved after one year. He tasted the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League championship in Ulsan in 2020 and was in his prime, winning MVP of the tournament, but returned to Jeju last season as opportunities to participate decreased afterwards.

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Standing on a new starting line again. Yoon Bit-garam’s expression as he greeted his ‘first’ was filled with excitement. He met before leaving the country and said, “It’s a new mind since I’m on a new team. When she trained on Jeju Island last December, she was very relaxed. There were a lot of players I knew, and it was actually a team I wanted to come to. So, I am looking forward to this year more.”

At the beginning of last season, he did not play. Yoon Bit-garam, who stood on the ground only at the point of turning the halfway point due to various issues, participated in 16 games, including the league and FA Cup, scoring 3 goals and 2 assists. He said, “I couldn’t play because of something that didn’t suit the club, but when I came back, I played really hard to do a lot. It was unfortunate that the finish was not good, but I thought I should forget everything and do well in the new team.”

I expected the atmosphere of Suwon FC. “I heard a lot about the atmosphere before coming to this team,” said Bitgaram Yoon. He said that in a good atmosphere, the players can prepare for the game without being discouraged. I think that’s why I didn’t get good results last season. It’s a part that I think is very good,” he said.

Creative and active movement in midfield is enough to energize Suwon FC’s attacking line. Yoon Bitgaram said, “I haven’t played practice games properly, but each of his players knows the style they like. As she talked, she thought, ‘It’s going to be fun,’” she smiles.

The goal is to play consistently. Yoon Bit-garam said, “First of all, the first goal is to enter the game with steady performance. There are also attack points that I am thinking about, and I want to fill them up while playing in the game.” I have to do that even for those who have high expectations of me. I ask for your support,” she raised her voice.