“To win Arsenal? It is urgent to recruit Kim Min-jae, not Rice”

“Arsenal, forget about Declan Rice. Bring Minjae Kim!”

Voices that Arsenal should also participate in the war to recruit Kim “Hot Guy” Min-jae began to flow through the British press.

Arsenal lost 0-3 to Brighton on the 15th (Korean time), leaving the last two games of the season against Nottingham and Wolverhampton to win 4 points from leading Man City (85 points), who played one less game with 81 points. Right after it landed on top.

England’s Court Offside argued in the ‘Opinion’ section that Arsenal should beat Manchester United in the ’55 million euro’ Kim Min-jae recruitment war instead of signing striker Declan Rice in order to win the next season.

Following Manchester United, Man City, Tottenham and Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal’s name also appeared.

The media said, ‘Declan Rice is Arsenal’s most likely recruiting target in the summer transfer market, but there is another name that should be at the top of Arteta’s recruitment list,’ and mentioned “Napoli centerback Kim Min-jae.”

‘Kim Min-jae, a defender of the Korean national team, has led Napoli to the league championship in 33 years together with Victor Osimen and Hvitza Kvarachhelia and is considered one of the best players in Europe’s top 5 leagues,’ he introduced. ‘According to local Italian reports, Manchester United are one of the clubs most interested in the player, with a buyout of around 50 million euros this summer’, he added. ‘This amount could go up to 55 million euros, but this money is still something Arsenal can do without spending huge assets’. At the same time, he presented the prospect that the recruitment of Kim Min-jae, who will lead a solid defense line, will be much more helpful than the more than twice as expensive striker Rice recruitment.

“Arsenal have conceded 42 goals in the league this season, which is six fewer than last season and still have two games left,” he said. “Especially at home, Arsenal’s defensive data is shocking. Only five teams, including already relegated Southampton, have conceded more goals than Arsenal,’ he wrote. ‘If Arsenal acquires one of the league’s best defenders at a low price next season and uses Gabriel Magalyangis as a backup option, it will definitely be a good choice,’ he said. “On the other hand, Rice is more than twice as expensive as Min-jae Kim, and it is not enough to provide defensive power in midfield alone,” he said. 토토사이트 It was also said.

‘Gvadiol is also the best center back Arsenal can invest in, but it is more expensive than Min-jae Kim and lacks the winning experience than Min-jae Kim’, urging the recruitment of Min-jae Kim. The media continued, “If Arsenal doesn’t act quickly with this signing, Eric Tenhach’s team will look very different and become an even more serious threat in the championship competition next season.” In addition, he repeatedly emphasized the urgency of the recruitment, saying, “We will have to be ruthless outside the stadium so that our rivals can recruit the players they need first.”

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