As an igaming business marketer, you must know how important it is to reach your potential players by all possible digital means. One of the most effective ways to be in the spotlight of your potential players is to show up on the websites they visit. But is it that easy to find advertising space on a website to reach the desired audience?

Certainly, it’s not a piece of cake. Things get even more complicated when it comes to displaying gambling content. The reason lies in the perception of gambling. Though many casino and sportsbook websites are legitimate and fine, there are still websites that do not want to get associated with gambling. Digital advertising networks can smooth the situation out. They help online gambling professionals skip the lengthy process of searching for websites with gambling ad publishing spaces. Instead, digital advertising networks make it possible for online casino or sportsbook operators to make use of their large pool of publishers’ websites. Let’s take a closer look at digital advertising networks and at how they can benefit your igaming business.

How online gambling benefits from digital advertising networks?

Digital advertising networks serve as mediators between advertisers, i.e. the online gambling website and the publisher website on which your gambling ad will be displayed. They can help igaming operators coordinate an ad campaign across thousands of publisher websites efficiently. 먹튀검증

Affiliates use their big inventory of gambling networks to get your ads to the right people. They deliver your ad to the publisher’s website through an ad server. A code is sent to the publisher’s website calling the ad. The digital ad network’s ad server makes it possible to target and track players as well as making a report on the campaign. Publishers earn commission on ad revenues.

Digital advertising networks generally work with the following pricing options:

Cost-per-mile (CPM): This is the price that an advertiser pays for one thousand views of their ad.
Cost-per-click (CPC): An online advertising model in which an advertiser pays when the ad is clicked.
Cost-per-acquisition (CPA): The pricing model suggests that the advertiser pays for a specified acquisition.
Cost-per-view for video (CPV): The payout is triggered each time the video ad is viewed. Most ad networks count 30 seconds as a video view when charging for CPV.

To help you save your time, we have researched and reviewed a lot of advertising networks in the igaming industry.

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